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Carrier air-conditioner service hotline, founded in 2003, is to meet customer demand to obtain service through hotline at the first time. As the Carrier customers are increasing and Carrier pays more attention to the hotline service, Carrier air-conditioner hotline service has been developed into brand new after-sales service call center since 2006.

The 800 service hotline of Carrier air-conditioner after-sales service call center provides7*24 service. It can also provide expert service for the high-ranking product users and large customers. As the important link between the usersand company, the call center constantly adheres to the service tenet of “Warm, Correct, Rapid, Professional”, provides perfect service and supplies the advices and suggestions reflected by the users and important data extracted through analysis to the marketing and R&D departments, providing important information for improving quality, strengthening market share and winning more customers.

In 2008, Carrier air-conditioner after-sales service call center finally won 2008 China Best Contact Center Award after the initial assessment, review, telephone calling test and on-site customer testing of the judging committee of “2008 China Best Contact Center and CRM Award”.

Our professional customer service personnel will answer your call, listen to your requirements, find out the service history from the powerful hotline support platform system and recommend the individualized solutions based on your requirements.

Please remember our hotline. Any demands or suggestions, please call us.

Free Consultation Service Hotline: 800-820-6082.

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