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After sales service

After sales service


Before your consideration of purchasing Carrier products, Carrier’s service has begun, which maybe mean the continuous development of new products to meet your demand. After you purchase Carrier products, our after-sales service will comprehensively support your application and development in service value chain style. It indicates that we will exceed your expectation with excellent service.


■ Free Debugging Service

Carrier provides free debugging service and will send professional engineers responsible for the spot debugging of the machine unit, making the machine unit achieve the best running state. Besides, it will provide Qualified Debugging Certificate as the guarantee of Carrier. The correct debugging will ensure the running safety, reliability and optimum of the machine unit.

■ Free Quality Warranty Service

Adhering to the quality guarantee commitment, Carrier will provide free maintenance or part replacement for various quality problems caused by product design, manufacturing or raw materials.

■ Repair Service

The objectives of repair service is to solve problems, to check, judge and adjust the equipment or replace failure parts, including minor repair, overhaul and emergency repair. The repair service network all over China is the powerful support of the machine units and system. The repair engineers of Carrier will arrive at the failure spot and timely complete the emergency repair at the first time; the authentic parts and excellent service of the professional technicians is the guarantee for rapid solution to problems and normal running.

■ Maintenance Service

The objective of maintenance is to prevent the potential failure and damage and reduce the possibility of shutting into minimum. Carrier can provide satisfactory maintenance according to the running condition of the system and the budget design. Signing maintenance contract is better than a series of repair calls; as you have established cooperative partnerships with Carrier, Carrier will return high added value service to you.

Maintenance has the following advantages: reducing shutting loss; extending service life of the machine unit; improving running efficiency; reducing running cost; convenient and correct planning of budget; safe application.

Maintenance service can be divided into the following kinds according to breadth and depth:

*Routine maintenance: Planned maintenance service in annual maintenance period according to the application time and running conditions of the machine units.

* Inclusive maintenance: Repairing or replacing damaged parts by accident is also included in the service period besides of routine maintenance. The service can transfer the risk maybe shouldered by you to Carrier.

* Predicated maintenance: When the machine unit is running normally and has no obvious failure, Carrier uses advanced apparatus and technology to carry on complex testing and deep analysis of the system and supply detailed written report to indicate the hidden failure and recommend corresponding solutions. It is the key service to grasp and solve the hidden dangers before deterioration and can avoid unnecessary shutting loss and guarantee the continuous running of the system.

■ System Updating and Reform

Carrier knows that the research and development of the new technology is not only suitable for the production of new equipment, but also the technical updating of the installed equipment. The old machine unit or system may cause the increase of running cost and maintenance cost due to the increase of energy consumption loss. Some buildings may not meet the new load demand due to the application purpose. Besides, the refrigerant used by many old machine units may not meet the requirement of the environmental protection. To optimize the system efficiency, guarantee the running reliability, reduce the running cost and strengthen the environmental protection, Carrier will adopt reliable plan of high-ranking technology to update or replace the Carrier or non-carrier equipment according to the customer budget and running conditions of the equipment.

■ Customized Service

As every customer has its unique business, Carrier will explore your special demand and deeply learn the challenge faced by your equipment and management; then Carrier engineers familiar with this aspect will design most comprehensive and flexible service plan for you. The scope covers the whole cold/hot, ventilation, air-conditioning systems to make you carry on the operation in most economical mode and optimized efficiency, including on-site operation training, Carrier University system training courses, installation instruction, starting running, technical consultation, complete sets of property management and other common services, such as water treatment, filter replacement, pipeline washing, wintering treatment, etc.

Carrier not only pays attention to single machine unit, but also the running efficiency and cost of the whole system. So, let our comprehensive and considerate service to meet your individual demand, give a full display of our service and bring your management incomparable safety and easiness.


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