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High Efficiency Screw Chiller

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High Efficiency Screw Chiller

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Performance Features

.Environmental stewardship and chlorine-free refrigerant HFC-134a

.AHRI certified maximum full load efficiency up to 0.573 ikW/Ton and IPLV to 0.430 ikW/Ton

.New twin-rotor screw compressor equipped with a high-efficiency motor

.Variable capacity valve that permits exact matching of the cooling capacity to the load.

.Flooded multi-pipe evaporator and condenser for increased heat exchange efficiency.

.Electronic expansion device permitting operation at a lower condensing pressure and improved utilization of the evaporator heat exchange surface (superheat control)

.Economizer system with electronic expansion device for increased cooling capacity (30XW-P).

.Entering-fluid temperature continuously monitored to detect flow or load changes

.Wye-delta start is standard on 380V/400V/415V 50Hz and 380V/460V 60Hz units (factory-installed option for all other units)

.Compatible with Carrier Comfort Network (CCN) communication link

.Certified in accordance with AHRI Standard 550/590

Reliability Features

.Industrial-type screw compressors with oversized bearings and motor cooled by suction gas.

.Dual independent refrigeration circuits (from 900 kW upwards).

.Reduced number of moving parts, with compressor rotors directly driven by the motor, to lower the failure rate

.Electronic paddle-free flow switch. Auto-setting according to cooler size and fluid type

.Low voltage control circuits

.Short cycle protection 

Maintenance Features

.Hermetic twin screw compressors

.Mechanically cleanable condenser and evaporator

.Alarm contacts

.Filter drier

.Accessible service information including suction and discharge pressure and temperature using Navigator display module (factory-installed option or field-installed accessory)

.Discharge and liquid line shutoff valves (factory-installed option)

.ON/OFF control switch

Installation Features

.With a relatively small width, only require minimum floor space in the plant room.

.Victaulic connections on the evaporator and condenser, easy and fast installation

.Possibility to reverse the heat exchanger water inlet and outlet at the factory

.Simplified electrical connections, main disconnect switch with high trip capacity and transformer supply to the integrated control circuit (400/24 V)

.Fast commissioning, systematic factory operation test before shipment

.Wide Application

.Ice storage application with temperature down to -6°C/-12°C to take advantage of off-peak electrical pricing and reduce operating cost

.Suitable for LEED-certified buildings and green projects, including underground rail systems, five-star hotels and high-end offices

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Cooling Capacity: 71-986RT (30XW, 50Hz),  152-497RT (30XW-P, 50Hz), 49-979RT (30XW-S, 50Hz)

Water Pressure: 1.0MPa (standard), 1.6 MPa/2.0 MPa (option)