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Expo Boulevard

Expo Boulevard

Physical Data

Project Objectives

■ As one of the permanent landmark venues for Shanghai 2010 World Expo, the Expo Boulevard is a tridimensional traffic channel located at the primary entrance of Expo Zone, with one-thousand meter in length and one-hundred meter in width. Through the overhead and underground passages of the Expo Boulevard, visitors will be able to access China Pavilion, Theme Pavilion, World Expo Center and Expo Performance Center with great convenience. This project will also serve as a primary axis for sight view and visitor flow traffic in the Expo Garden. Furthermore, it is connected with metro line 7, 8, 13 and is an important hub for underground transportation in the city, which has laid favorable foundation for the comprehensive development of urban underground space in Shanghai after the World Expo. 

■ According to some preliminary measurement, the tap water replacement rate in this project is above 50%; operating cost is lower than 20% compared with traditional air conditioning system; air conditioning cooling water saving rate reaches 100%; natural ventilation energy saving rate is more than 50% in spring and autumn. The Expo Boulevard has truly achieved balance and harmony between architecture and nature.


■ The one-kilometer Expo Boulevard has been regarded as “environmental hallway” in the Expo Garden. To achieve harmony between architecture and nature, Carrier offered to the venue five units of 1,200kW 30HXC400AH-HP1 water heat pump chillers and three units of 3,800kW 19XR1080 (10kV) centrifugal chillers, which has left out traditional cooling tower set on rooftop, prettified building outlook while met the demands of cooling in summer and heating in winter. The total cooling capacity in summer is 17,100kW, while the total heating capacity in winter is 10,600kW. All Carrier chillers adopt non-ozone depleting refrigerant HFC-134a.

Project Highlights

■ Expo Boulevard is the largest single construction in Expo Zone, covering a construction area of 250,000 square meters. As one of the five permanent venues, the Expo Boulevard has been developed with multi-functions, including commercial services, catering, entertainment, conference, exhibition and transportation hub. The project is comprised of aboveground and underground buildings, in which the “sunshine valley” extends from 6.5 meters underground to 35 meters aboveground. Its trumpet design takes many functions including natural lighting, natural ventilation and rainwater collection. 

■ The base of this project is long and narrow, and is separated into north, middle and south parts. Therefore, the river source secondary pump system and the ground source primary pump system runs shunt-wound. The complementary advantages between river source and ground source heat pump system include: river source system enjoys high efficiency in summer and will be used primarily; ground source heat pump system enjoys higher efficiency in winter with low temperature and will be used primarily for heating; In addition, river source system could assist ground source system on soil heat balance. Based on this function, Carrier sets up a reasonable operation strategy, which is to leverage more of river source chillers when river temperature is lower in early summer/autumn as well as under part load condition in summer; ground source heat pump will be fully leveraged for heating when river temperature is low in winter. The complementary advantage not only improves operational efficiency, but also solves the problem of soil heat accumulation on buried tube which often happens in Southern regions, with enhanced system safety and reliability. 

■ Carrier provided Expo Boulevard with 30HXCAH-HP1 river source heat pumps which use the processed Huangpu River as cooling resource to eliminate cooling tower and boiler needed by traditional air conditioning system, to achieve heating in winter and cooling in summer. To fit for the application of small ball cleaning device, the evaporator and condenser both adopt the tailor-made large-scale copper-nickel tube for convenient daily cleaning and maintenance to ensure chiller efficiency at the same time. 

■ Carrier 19XR1080 (10kV) centrifugal chiller adopts 10kV high-pressure motor which significantly reduces electrical current in operation, and the specially configured soft start counter could further reduce concussion to electric grid caused by startup electrical current. Pertinent to the river source direct current cooling model, 19XR chiller adopts specially designed copper-nickel tube to improve corrosion resistance, and to work with tube brush automatic cleaning system to ensure high chiller operational efficiency.

Project Summary

Location:  Shanghai, China    Project Type:New construction            Building Usage: Comprehensive Venue

Building Type/Size:  Concrete & steel/250,000m2   Objectives:Energy saving, reliability and environmental stewardship

Major Decision Drivers: High efficiency, create comfortable and environmental space

Design Considerations: Considering the requirement of cooling in summer and heating in winter, Huangpu river source and ground source are taken as the cooling and low temperature heating medium to improve cooling and heating efficiency

HVAC Equipment:3 units of 19XR1080 (10kV) centrifugal chillers 5 units of 30HXC400AH-HP1 river source screw heat pumps

Consulting Engineer: East China Architectural Design & Research Institute Shanghai Municipal engineering design general institute SBA GmbH                                                  Installation Date: March 2009

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