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Expo Theme Pavilions

Expo Theme Pavilions

Physical Data

Project Objectives

■ As one of the permanent venues for Shanghai World Expo, the Theme Pavilions will showcase the themes of City & Life, City & Planet, and City & People during the Expo. After the event, the venue will be turned into a standard exhibition hall, and will also be part of the modern service center that integrates the nearby World Expo Center, China Pavilion, Expo Boulevard, Performance Arts Center to offer comprehensive services of exhibition, convention and accommodations. In addition to its requirement of efficiency and comfort for air conditioning system and reduced impact on surrounding environment are also taken into consideration.


■ Catering to the theme of “Green World Expo” and to meet strict project requirements, Carrier offered to the venue four units of 1000RT VFD variable frequency centrifugal chillers and ten units of 30XQ air-cooled heat pump chillers. The load for cooling in summer is 22,800kW, while the load for heating in winter is 9,000kW. All of Carrier chillers adopt non-ozone depleting refrigerant HFC-134a.

Project Highlights

■ Located at the plot B of World Expo Zone and to the west of Expo Boulevard, the Theme Pavilions is one of the permanent venues for Shanghai 2010 World Expo, and is also one of the core constructions in Expo Zone. Covering a construction area of about 129,000 square meters, the size of the Theme Pavilions is three times of a standard football court. Design of this project features function, green, energy reduction and conversion, highlighting requirements for environmental stewardship, energy saving and application of innovative technologies. The energy efficiency and environmental stewardship of chillers are highly emphasized while selecting commercial air conditioning equipments. 

■ To address the demands of cooling in summer and heating in winter, Carrier offered hybrid solution of 19XRV variable frequency centrifugal chiller and 30XQ air-cooled screw heat pump. 19XRV centrifugal chiller plays a key role in cooling in summer, to fully leverage its high efficiency and energy saving; In winter, 30XQ air cooled screw heat pump will be applied for heating and hot water supply, which will get rid of the traditional boiler with saved chiller footprint. Meanwhile, high heating efficiency is also enjoyed to absorb heat from surrounding environment, with 3.2kW heat being produced by 1kW electricity. This solution fully addresses the heating and cooling of the venue both in winter and summer, with largely enhanced system operation efficiency and remarkable energy savings. 

■ Carrier 19XRV Evergreen chiller is a market leading high efficiency product with integrated VFD starter,boasting impressive NPLV of 0.35-0.41kW/RT, 50% higher than chillers with fixed frequency. During the transition season in particular, under the working condition of declined entering water temperature for cooling water, the chiller could achieve even more cost effective operation through enhanced efficiency. The newly designed integrated unit-mounted VFD adopts cutting edge Active Front-end Rectification technology to replace commonly used transistor rectification, fundamentally constrained harmonic distoration, to fulfill the IEEE 519-1992 standard without any additional add-up of harmonic filter device. 

■ 30XQ air-cooled screw heat pump chiller is specifically designed for the non-ozone depleting refrigerant HFC- 134a, adopts 06T high performance dual screw compressor and electronic expansion valve, economizer and adaptive Pro-dialog control, which all ensured outstanding efficiency, enabling the chiller to take lead in obtaining China national energy saving product certification. The chiller also uses the 4th generation of extra low noise “Flying Bird ”Fan, with reduces operation noise and impact to surrounding environment.

■ The solution has obtained high recognition from the project owner-Shanghai World Expo Group.

Location:Shanghai, China      Project Type:New construction      Building Usage: Comprehensive Exhibition Hall

Building Type/Size: Concrete & steel/129,000m2   Objectives:Energy saving, reliability and environmental stewardshipp 

Major Decision Drivers: Catering to the theme of “Green World Expo”

Design Considerations: Hybrid solution of VFD centrifugal chiller and air cooled screw heat pump

HVAC Equipment: 4 19XRV1000 VFD centrifugal chillers 3 30XQ320 3 30XQ1000 4 30XQ1280 air-cooled screw heat pumps

Consulting Engineer:Architectural Design & Research Institute of

Tongji UniversityInstallation Date:March 2009

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