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Shanghai International Financial Center (IFC)

Shanghai International Financial Center (IFC)

Physical Data

Project Objectives

■ Shanghai International Financial Center (IFC) is developed by Hong Kong Sun Hung Kai Properties with investment of RMB8 billion. It is located at X2 Area of Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone close to Oriental Pearl TV Tower, neighboring Jin Mao Building from the East and Super Brand Mall from the West. This project is comprised of two super height towers, with simple and square outlook stretching all the way up to the polygons on the top, displaying aesthetic architectural designs. The two towers are asymmetric in heights and shapes, making it another landmark and view alone the Huangpu River. The architect of IFC is also the one who gained reputation for designing Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and International Finance Center in Hong Kong. 

■ The to-be-completed Shanghai IFC will add another twin towers among the skyscrapers in Lujiazui. HSBC Bank has bought 20 floors in South Tower as its China Headquarter. The new commercial circle centered by Shanghai IFC will further foster the development of Lujiazui as a financial flagship. Currently, this project is applying for LEED-CS golden certification, while the HSBC office building is under application of LEED-CI platinum certification. 


■ The total cooling capacity of this project is 22,150RT and the energy efficient solutions Carrier provided include: six 19XRD (10kV) dual-compressor centrifugal chillers with unit cooling capacity of 2,850RT, three 19XR centrifugal chillers with unit cooling capacity of 1,000RT, twelve 30XA/XQ screw chillers and heat pumps, five 30RH scroll chillers and heat pumps, 322 sets of air handling units, 1000 sets of 42CN/CE low-noise fan coil units and i-Vu control network system which is used to optimize the air conditioning system and equipment. All of Carrier’s chillers apply the non-Ozone depleting refrigerant HFC-134a and HFC-407C.

Project Outline

■ Shanghai IFC is comprised of twin towers at the height of 260 meters and 250 meters respectively and an accessorial building at the height of 85 meters, covering a total construction area of 600,000 square meters. It is the biggest comprehensive development project in Lujiazui integrating Grade-A office, luxury hotel, shopping mall and high-tier apartment.

■ Carrier tailor made a 6+3 solution for the central chiller plant of this project: six 19XRD (10kV) dualcompressor centrifugal chillers with unit cooling capacity of 2,850RT, and three 19XR centrifugal chillers with unit cooling capacity of 1,000RT are taken as the primary cooling source for the whole building with total cooling tonnage of 20,100RT. Comparing with the original 9+2 solution (nine with unit cooling capacity of 2,000RT and two with unit cooling capacity of 1,000RT), the new solution will save initial investment of 5 million RMB and chiller footprint of 450 square meters, hich was finally favored by the project owner. Carrier provided three 30XA screw chillers for HSBC office in South Tower as a partial cooling source; For the W Hotel in its lower floors, Carrier provided five 30RH scroll chillers and heat pumps as the hotel’s partial cooling and heating source; During the bidding of Ritz Calton Hotel in South Tower, the project owner chose Carrier’ six 30XQ screw heat pumps as the primary cooling and heating source for this area; In the office area in North Tower, Carrier recommended three 30XA screw chillers as the secondary cooling source; Meanwhile,Carrier provided all air side products for the above construction areas, including 322 sets of 39CBFI air handling units and 1000 sets of low-noise fan coil units. Furthermore, Carrier also offered i-Vu control network system based on the newest web technology for the whole central chiller plant to manage all the relevant equipments harmoniously, which covers chillers, primary/secondary chilled water pump, cooling water pump and cooling tower, to achieve high efficient and stable operation of the whole system.

■ Carrier newly launched 19XRD dual-compressor centrifugal chillers with the largest unit cooling capacity of 3,000RT and NPLV integrated efficiency of 6.2. Combined with 19XR centrifugal chillers, the 19XRD saves chiller footprint with simplified water pump and pipeline system, which brings customers with lower initial investment and excellent operational efficiency. Meanwhile,to further enhance system integrated efficiency, centrifugal chillers with large cooling tonnage apply 10kV voltage direct drive, to avoid transformer loss with improved electric utilization efficiency. Through liquid refrigerant cooling, the hermetic high voltage motor achieves stable and reliable operation. Carrier also designed 10kV start counter based on China’ specific power supply situation with several electrical protection measures, and integrates powerful ISM start protection module to ensure that electrical equipments and chillers all operate at high efficiency and reliability.

■ The COP of Carrier 30XA/XQ screw chiller reaches 3.2 with adoption of many innovative technologies, such as 06T high performance dual-screw compressor, the fourth generation of “flying bird” fan, electronic expansion valve, flooded multi-pipe evaporator, economizer, Pro-dialog Plus self-adaptive control, and so on. 30XA/XQ has taken the lead in achieving Chinas national energy saving product certification, and its lower running noise also helps owners to create a more comfortable commercial environment. 

■ Carrier 30RH is the first air cooled heat pump in the world designed specifically for the application of non- Ozone depleting refrigerant HFC-407C, which adopts “flying bird” fan and two-speed fan motor with quite operation; Innovative integrated hydronic module saves space and offers quick and convenient installation; High efficiency scroll compressor, counter-current brazed plate heat exchanger and heat regenerator (Carrier patent) enable the chiller to achieve energy saving during the year-around operation with the IPLV of 4.0. 

■ Two 5-star hotels are built in Shanghai IFC, which place stringent requirement over air quality and noise control. Carrier provided two 39CBFI air handling units for each floor, which are equipped with UV sterilization lamp and heat pipe heat recovery device to improve air quality and energy efficiency. Carrier’s latest 42CN fan coil units with super low noise fully addressed the requirement of 5-star hotels over quite indoor environment. 

■ Carrier i-Vu control network system boasts building air conditioning system control platform with web technology, user-friendly system maintenance interface, powerful energy saving functions and open communication protocol. It will monitor and manage centrifugal chillers and all the other relevant system equipments. In addition, based on different seasons, it will also adjust the number of operating chillers with different types, automatically order chillers’ upload or download as well as balance of working times, integrate in a scientific way the hybrid operation of different chillers to ensure in an all around way energy efficient performance of the whole system.

Project Summary

Location:Beijing, China       Project Type:New construction           Building Usage: Commercial, hotels, apartment and office building

Building Type/Size: Concrete & steel/140,000m2     Objectives:Energy saving, reliability and environmental stewardship

Major Decision Drivers:To obtain LEED gold and platinum certification 

Design Considerations:System solutions for large-scaled central chiller plant

HVAC Equipment: 6 19XRD2850 (10kV) centrifugal chillers 3 19XR1000 centrifugal chillers 6 30XQ500 screw air cooled heat pumps 6 30XA screw air cooled chillers 5 30RH scroll air cooled heat pumps 322 39CBFI air handling units 1000 42CE/CN fan coil units i-Vu control network system 

Consulting Engineer:Parsons Brinckerhoff East China Architectural Design & Research Institute

TechnologyInstallation Date:from June 2008 to March 2009

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