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World Expo Center

World Expo Center

Physical Data

Project Objectives

■ World Expo Center is one of the largest integrated core venues in 2010 Shanghai World Expo, which enjoys primary location in Pudong World Expo Park near Huangpu River. During the Expo, the center will feast guests from around the world and hold grand events, conference, forums and press conference , to serve in a comprehensive way the successful preparation and smooth operation of the Expo. The World Expo Center will be used as a hightier international conference center after the Expo, to contribute to the progress of Shanghai’s international communications, large-scale administrative activities as well as modern service industry. 

■ Shanghai World Expo Center is the first project to complete steel frame coping among the “One Boulevard & Four Pavilions” at the central Expo Park, and is also the only large public facility of the first six projects that have obtained the “Green Building” three-star certification up to now in China. It has served as major venue for the activity of Shanghai Excellent Mega Projects Emulation last year . Moreover, this project also catches great attention by applying for LEED Gold certification.


■ Catering to the theme of “Green World Expo” and fulfilling high requirements from the project owner, Carrier provided to World Expo Center three 30HXC600AH-HP1 river source heat pump screw chillers and two 30XW2602 screw chillers with ice storage for dual-condition operation. The products are designed with 13,000kW cooling capacity and 5,340kW heat pump heating capacity in summer. All of Carrier’s chillers apply the non-Ozone depleting refrigerant HFC-134a. 

Project Highlights

■ Located by the Huangpu River, the World Expo Center is the first newly built permanent venue for Shanghai World Expo and is also one of the core buildings in Expo Park. This building boasts 350 meters in length from East to West and 140 meters in width from South to North, with a total construction area of 140,000 square meters. The air conditioning cooling resource of the center adopts water source heat pump system + ice storage system + chilled-water storage system, with cooling capacity of 13,000kW in summer. Its heating resource uses water source heat pump system + boiler, with heat pump heating capacity of 5,340kW. Carrier’s 30XW high efficiency screw chiller is applied in ice storage system, and 30HXC-HP 1 is applied in river source heat pump system and chilled-water storage system. 

■ Carrier’s new generation of AquaForce? 30XW high efficiency screw chiller is applied in ice storage system which uses lower-price electric power at night, and adopts series system with partial cooling and glycol chiller upstream, enjoying a ice storage capacity greater than 7,100RTH. 30XW high efficiency screw chiller adopts new generation 06T high performance dual-screw compressor, and achieves efficient operation under both air conditioning and icing conditions. The electronic expansion valve with 4, 260 steps boasts accurate and dynamic control to ensure chiller’s running at the highest efficiency in part load condition.Furthermore, 30XW is facilitated with Chinese display touch screen control which could switch automatically between the two conditions. Additionally, the chiller also enjoys features in compact design, small footprint, and dramatically reduced costs in on-site ice storage system integration. Its whole high efficient system will substantially reduce power demands and cost at peak hours. 

■ To achieve heating in winter and cooling in summer, Carrier 30HXC-HP1 river source heat pump chiller uses the processed Huangpu River as cooling resource, to eliminate the cooling tower and boiler needed by traditional air conditioning system. The heat exchanger on the two sides adopts copper-nickel tube to improve corrosion resistance. The cooling capacity of single chiller is 500RT, 6/13℃ in summer, and provides hot water with temperature of above 46℃ in winter. To operate in summer, the water source heat pump combines with ice storage system to offer cooling at daytime and supplies cooling on its own at night, and also operate as the cooling chiller for chilled-water storage system. 

■ “As Shanghai gets ready to welcome the world to the 2010 World Expo, Carrier is proud to provide sustainable and energy efficient solutions in order to contribute to a green World Expo,” commented Ross Shuster, president of Carrier Asia..

Project Summary

Location:Beijing, China       Project Type:New construction           Building Usage:Sports venue

Building Type/Size: Concrete & steel/140,000m2     Objectives:Energy saving, reliability and environmental stewardship

Major Decision Drivers: To obtain China “Green Building” 3-star Certification and LEED Gold Certification

Design Considerations:River source heat pump system, ice storage system and chilled-water storage system

HVAC Equipment:3 30HXC600AH-HP1 river source screw heat pumps 2 30XW2602 screw chillers (ice storage dual-condition)

Consulting Engineer:Shanghai Modern Architecture Design Group East China Architectural Design & Research Institute

TechnologyInstallation Date:March 2009

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