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China Agricultural University Gymnasium (CAG)

China Agricultural University Gymnasium (CAG)

Physical Data

Project Objectives

■ The China Agricultural University Gymnasium (CAG) is the first Olympic venue approved to be built in a Beijingbased university. With a total building area of 23,950 square meters, the gym is arranged with 6,000 fixed seats and 2,000 temporary seats, and will be the venue for wrestling competition during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. After the Games, the gym can undertake the competition of regular sports including badminton, table tennis, gymnastics, body-building, volleyball, basketball, handball and indoor soccer, and hold grand events.

■ The CAG adopts a series of innovative designs as well as many new technologies, new materials, new equipments and new structures in aspects such as the sound, light, electricity and structure, with an aim to make maximal use of the natural energy source and to maximally reduce the maintenance and management cost after the Games. 

■ As the major theme of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, "Green Olympics” requires the construction of all Olympic venues and facilities to achieve environmental stewardship and high energy efficiency. 


■ Carrier provided one each of 16DNH080 and 16DNH040 highefficiency direct fired absorption chillers, 19 sets of 39CBF highend air handling units, 135 sets of 42CE fan coil units, and all the air terminal equipments, together with Toshiba Carrier MMS variable refrigerant flow system. Such application, while reflecting the beautiful and pleasant Olympic venue, is also practical and economical, and keeps in tune with the atmosphere of the hundredyear-old university.

Project Highlights

■ Carrier 16DNH high-efficiency absorption chillers adopt the advanced plate-type heat exchanger structure and the design of recovering residual heat from flue gas. Its coefficient of performance (COP) at full load is 1.36, far higher than the industrial average, and its compact structure requires a smaller floor space. The Construction Department of the CAG, based on the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection as well as the limited space in the machine room, sets strict requirements for the operating efficiency and floor area of the units. The composite application of Carrier’s 16DNH080 (800 RT) and 16DNH040 (400 RT) direct absorption chillers have not only met the rigorous design requirements, but take care of the full load during the games and the part load after the games. And the compact structures of the chillers have saved space for the machine room. The whole solution gained unanimous recognition from the project owner.

■ 39CBF high-end air handling units supplied by Carrier is the first and only product that passed the certification of the highest international standard EN1886 (European Standard) in the country at present. The patent design of thermal insulation cold bridge structure makes the coefficient of thermal insulation cold bridge reach up to 0.61, which meets Class TB2 of EN 1886 standard; Air leakage rate of the units is less than 1%, which meets Class of EN1886 standard. Carrier’s 39CBF high-end air handling units is equipped with HV electrostatic dust collector. Through electrostatic dust collection, the foreign odors in the air such as hydrogen sulphide or the smell of cigarette can be removed,fine dust and bacterial motility can be significantly reduced, clean air can be achieved and indoor air quality can be further improved.

■ The Carrier Beijing Olympic Games Remote Monitoring Center monitors the running state of the Carrier Chillers installed in the venues for Beijing Olympic Games, provides preventive diagnosis for Carrier’s air conditioner units, and ensures the highly efficient and reliable operation of the whole air conditioning system.

Project Summary

Location:Beijing, China       Project Type:New construction    Building Age:1 year      Building Usage:Sports venue

Building Type/Size: Concrete & block/258,000m2    Objectives:Reliability, energy saving,and environment stewardship  

Major Decision Drivers: High IAQ solution for indoor environment

Design Considerations: High-end air handling unit adopted electrostatic dust collection

HVAC Equipment: 71 39CBF air handling units

Consulting Engineer:China Architecture & Research Group                   Installation Date:Jun 2007

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