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Wukesong Indoor Stadium

Wukesong Indoor Stadium

Physical Data

Project Objectives

■ The Wukesong Indoor Stadium, with a building area of 63,000 square meters, is designed with 18,000 seats. It will undertake the basketball event during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, after which it will be the designated standard venue for the U.S. NBA in China.

■ The stadium is located in the largest cultural and sports center in West Beijing. Besides the stadium, there are also other service facilities in the center, including the Wukesong ball park, the mass cultural and sports facilities, as well as commercial hotels, making it an important place to meet the needs of the community residents in West Beijing for business, culture, sports, and entertainment.

■ As the major theme of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, "Green Olympics” requires the construction of all Olympic venues and facilities to achieve environmental stewardship and high energy efficiency.


■ Aiming at the specific requirement of the Wukesong Indoor Stadium for air conditioning system, Carrier specially supplied 3 sets of 19XR760 centrifugal chillers and one set of 19XR414 centrifugal chiller for the stadium, and supplied a complete set of air conditioning products consisting of the Carrier Comfort Network (CCN) system for the chillers, 49 sets of 39CBF high-end air handling units and 298 sets of 42CE fan coils.

Project Highlights

■ The hybrid application of the centrifugal chillers with great and small cooling capacity not only satisfies the operation of air conditioning peak load during Olympic Games, but also takes account of the requirement of energy conservation for part load of commercial operation thereafter. Carrier’s 19XR high efficiency centrifugal chillers not only completely selects the environment sound refrigerant HFC-134a that does no harm to ozonosphere,but also adopts primary-secondary pump system, of which primary pump operates stably, and secondary pump operates with energy conservation according to load regulation by frequency variation, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of the system. Carrier’s leading products fully express the concept of “Green Olympics”.

■ All the Olympic venues installed with central chilled water system, without exception, are using the chiller system consisting of two or more sets of chillers complete with relevant equipment. The operational control and adjustment of the chillers in their refrigeration cycle are key technologies for the system to save energy. The Carrier CSM System contains the typical “ characteristic curve” for the load performance of Carrier’s centrifugal chillers, and can optimize the start, stop, loading and unloading of the chillers according to the load change of the system, which allows the system to operate at theoptimally-efficient area and significantly improve the energy-saving effect of the entire chiller system.

■ 39CBF high-end air handling units supplied by Carrier is the first and only product that passed the certification of the highest international standard EN1886 (European Standard) in the country at present. The patent design of thermal insulation cold bridge structure makes the coefficient of thermal insulation cold bridge reach up to 0.61, which meets Class TB2 of EN1886 standard; Air leakage rate of the units is less than 1%, which meets Class B of EN1886 standard. Carrier’s 39CBF high-end air handling units is equipped with HV electrostatic dust collector. Through electrostatic dust collection, the foreign odors in the air such as hydrogen sulphide or the smell of cigarette can be removed, fine dust and bacterial motility can be significantly reduced, clean air can be achieved and indoor air quality can be further improved.

■  The Carrier Beijing Olympic Games Remote Monitoring Center monitors the running state of the Carrier Chillers installed in the venues for Beijing Olympic Games, provides preventive diagnosis for Carrier’s air conditioner units,and ensures the highly efficient and reliable operation of the whole air conditioning system.

Project Summary

Location:Beijing, China       Project Type:New construction      Building Age:1 year      Building Usage:Sports venue

Building Type/Size: Concrete & block/63,000m2    Objectives:Reliability, energy saving,and environment stewardship  

Major Decision Drivers: System efficiency under different operation load during Olympic Games and thereafter, and non-Ozone depleting refrigerant

Design Considerations:Hybrid application of centrifugal chillers

HVAC Equipment:4 19XR centrifugal chillers 49 39CBF air handling units 298 42CE fan coil units CCN system

Consulting Engineer:Beijing Institute of Architetural Design  TechnologyInstallation Date:Nov 2006

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