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Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium (BTG)

Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium (BTG)

Physical Data

Project Objectives

■ The Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium (BTG) will be the badminton and rhythmic gymnastic venue for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. With a total building area of 22,270 square meters, the BTG is arranged with 7,500 seats. After the Games, the BTG will become a cultural and sports center for the teachers and students of the university, as well as a training base of the International Badminton Federation (IBF) and of the badminton team under the General Administration of Sport of China.

■ As the major theme of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, "Green Olympics” requires the construction of all Olympic venues and facilities to achieve environmental stewardship and high energy efficiency.


■ The uniquely-designed air conditioning system for the BTG uses water-source heat pumps (WSHP) in line with the local conditions. Carrier supplied one set of 300 RT 30HXC300AH-HP1 and two sets of 400 RT 30HXC400AH-HP1 high-efficiency screw WSHP units, and 27 sets of 39CBFI air handling units, and all the air terminal equipments.

■ There are three 13.5 cm air supply outlets under each seat of the stand in the BTG, and when the air velocity of the air conditioner is controlled below 0.2 m/s, the temperature of the whole venue will maintain at 26℃, which can fully meet the requirements of badminton competition. Despite meeting the air conditioning load, the GSHP system could also supply heating and hot water for the venues.

Project Highlights

■ The most obvious characteristic of the GSHP system is environmentally friendly, energy saving, and with stable operation. The 30HXC-HP High-efficiency Screw WSHP Units make full use of the ground water to prepare the cold and hot water for the air conditioning. In summer the ground water is used as the cooling water, and in winter the heating is mainly from the water in deep wells, supplemented by that from the GSHP system. This has not only lowered the heating cost effectively, but also greatly enhanced the reliability of the heating system, with very obvious energy-saving effect. The cooling efficiency is raised by 20%, and the heating efficiency is raised by 30% when compared with that of the air-source heat pump system and by over 70% when compared with electrical heating. This application also avoids the smoke pollution generated from the use of boilers and, without using any cooling tower, the GSHP system discharges no heat to the atmospheric environment and makes the environment cleaner and nicer.

■ Carrier 30HXC-HP Screw WSHP chillers selects the environment sound refrigerant HFC-134a that does no harm to ozonosphere, which has fully expressed the concept of “Green Olympics”. The unique multicompressor design characteristic may flexibly regulate the operation of the compressors, and match the load of the venues. The double independent loop design improved operating reliability of the chillers, which fully ensures the normal operation of the air conditioning system during the games.

■ he Carrier Beijing Olympic Games Remote Monitoring Center monitors the running state of the Carrier Chillers installed in the venues for Beijing Olympic Games, provides preventive diagnosis for Carrier’s air conditioner units, and ensures the highly efficient and reliable operation of the whole air conditioning system.

Project Summary

Location:Beijing, China       Project Type:New construction      Building Age:1 year      Building Usage:Sports venue

Building Type/Size:Concrete & block/22,270m2      Objectives:Reliability, energy saving,and environment stewardship  

Major Decision Drivers:System efficiency and non-Ozone depleting refrigerant

Design Considerations:Water-source heat pumps (WSHP)  

VAC Equipment:3 30HXC-HP screw chillers 27 39CBFI air handling units

Consulting Engineer:Architecture Design and Research Institute South China University of

TechnologyInstallation Date:Aug 2007

“Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium is the Best Badminton Gymnasium in the World.”  Mr. Jiang Rongzhong,President, the World Badminton Federation

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