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National Stadium

National Stadium

Physical Data

Project Objectives

■ The integrated fa?ade and structure of the National Stadium located in the Olympic Park form a grating structure, and the whole building is just like a huge bird’s nest woven with metal branches. With the majesty and creative architectural design, the Bird’s Nest is reputed as a sports structure representing the highest level of the 21st century. As the main venue of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the stadium, with a building area of 258,000 square meters, a total investment of USD380 million and 91,000 seats, will undertake the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, as well as track and field, and soccer events.

■ As the major theme of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, "Green Olympics” requires the construction of all Olympic venues and facilities to achieve environmental stewardship and high energy efficiency. 


■ The advantage and reliability of Carrier 39CBF high-end air handling unit are recognized by the project owner who awarded Carrier the contract of all the 71 high-end air handling units for the National Stadium. These units will send high-quality fresh air to the all areas of VIP halls, locker rooms and the News Center.

Project Highlights

■ 39CBF high-end air handling units supplied by Carrier is the first and only product that passed the certification of the highest international standard EN1886 (European Standard) in the country at present. The patent design of thermal insulation cold bridge structure makes the coefficient of thermal insulation cold bridge reach up to 0.61, which meets Class TB2 of EN1886 standard; Air leakage rate of the units is less than 1%, which meets Class B of EN1886 standard. Carrier’s 39CBF high-end air handling units is equipped with HV electrostatic dust collector. Through electrostatic dust collection, the foreign odors in the air such as hydrogen sulphide or the smell of cigarette can be removed, fine dust and bacterial motility can be significantly reduced, clean air can be achieved and indoor air quality can be further improved. 

■ Application Principle of such HV electrostatic dust collector is to make particulate matter charged, and collect them after the direction of motion changes; Impose 12kV DC HV at positive and negative plates of the electrostatic field (minimum field intensity between anode and cathode is 7.5kV/cm); In plasma sterilization zone, floating dust and pollutants in the air are rapidly polarized and enter the dust collecting zone; under the action of electric field force, they are absorbed by negative plate; The energy generated from instantaneous release of HV charges punctures the cell wall of microorganisms, and further sinter and carbonize them to complete dust removal and sterilization. 

Appendix:The Feature of Purification Apparatus

■ Cathode: Cellular structure, with great dust collecting area; Anode: Needle structure; The discharge needle tip is optically rounded to ionize the air; High concentration plasma is generated, with high dust collection efficiency; Electrolyte is destroyed and bacteria are completed killed;

■ High machining accuracy for the entire structure, small current, great field intensity, extremely low ozone concentration, small air resistance, solid and durable, low failure rate, convenient washing and maintenance;

■ It has extremely high capture efficiency especially for aerosol down to 0.01 micrometer. Polluted aerosol particles with a grain size of 0.01~0.3 micrometer, which is called “Pathogenic Missile” in medicine, may directly reach the deep part of human lungs. It is the arch criminal for modern diseases through alveolus exchange. While capturing it, the equipment also decreases the harmful gas concentration in indoor air, and achieves the multiple purification effect of dust removal, sterilization and elimination of harmful gases;

■ Energy saving: Power consumed per square of purification module is less than 50w, operating voltage of power supply and electric control box is 30w, and operating, washing and failure abnormality communication signal is provided;

■ Small air resistance “15pa” , great dust removal capacity (the distance between anode and cathode is 11mm); Washing cycle is 12 months; Captured substances are sintered; Without secondary pollution after power failure or under high weed speed;

■ Can be conveniently washed. The module can be directly cleaned with tap water after dust collection

Project Summary

Location:Beijing, China       Project Type:New construction    Building Age:1 year      Building Usage:Sports venue

Building Type/Size: Concrete & block/258,000m2    Objectives:Reliability, energy saving,and environment stewardship  

Major Decision Drivers: High IAQ solution for indoor environment

Design Considerations: High-end air handling unit adopted electrostatic dust collection

HVAC Equipment: 71 39CBF air handling units

Consulting Engineer:China Architecture & Research Group                                        Installation Date:Jun 2007

“Carrier’s leading air conditioning technology and application of electrostatic dust collector significantly improved the cleanliness of the NAC, which symbolizes the new technology in air conditioning industry.” Mr. Zheng Zhong,

Deputy General Manager, Beijing National Stadium Co., Ltd,

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