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National Aquatics Center (NAC)

National Aquatics Center (NAC)

Physical Data

Project Objectives

■   National Aquatics Center (NAC) is a landmark building for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The architectural concept of the venue comes from the structure of water molecules and,  due to its appearance resembling a blue cube, it is called “Water Cube” in concert with the Bird’s Nest (National Stadium), fully demonstrating the classic Chinese architectural concept of “round sky and square earth”.

■   As the major theme of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, " Green Olympics” requires the construction of all Olympic venues and facilities to achieve environmental stewardship and high energy efficiency.


■   The air conditioning solutions offered by Carrier to meet the “Green” requirements of the NAC are highly recognized  by the client, and as a result, Carrier has been awarded the whole contract including 4 centrifugal chillers with a total cooling capacity of 2,800 RT, 57 sets of high-end air handling units, 438 sets of fan coils,andthe chiller system control.

■   Carrier has introduced the application of heat recovery into the design of the air conditioning system for the NAC. On the one hand, heat recovery apparatus is installed in the chillers, and on the other hand, a brand new heat recovery apparatus with heat pipes adopted in the high-end air handling unit.  All chillers apply non-Ozone depleting refrigerant HFC-134a. The solution has effectively improved the energy utilization efficiency of the airconditioning system in the NAC, and also well expressed the green design concept for the entire air conditioning system.

Project Highlights

■   NAC is located at the central position of Beijing Olympic Park, covering a total building area of 87,283m2. It is a cube shaped building, with a length of 177m,  width of 177m and height of 31m.  The square plane is dividedinto three pools (i.e., Olympic Swimming Pool, Warm up Pool and Leisure Pool). Two-layer ETFE air pillowenclosure is adopted. It is the unique building in the world, in which the HVAC system is distinctive and challenging.

■   Carrier provided 3 sets of 19XR800 centrifugal chillers and one set of 19XR400 heat recovery type centrifugal chiller for the NAC. While meeting the requirement of the systems cooling capacity, the heat recovery type centrifugal chillers recover the condensing heat for the heating of pool water and domestic hot water.This can not only reduce the discharge of heat to the environment, but also reduce the energy consumed for heating, which achieves energy recycle. The design of dedicated heat recovery apparatus enables the production of 40℃ hot water to be used and recovers more than 50% of the heat, which can fully meet the design requirement of the chiller system.

■   The heat pipe heat recovery apparatus installed in Carrier’ air handling units has effectively recovered the heat from exhaust air for the heating of fresh air and significantly reduced the energy consumption of the system. In addition,in the special high temperature and high  chlorine environment of the NAC,common coating material may cause rustiness or corrosion in the coating of part or component of the equipments. However, Carrier’s 39CBF air handling units are specially coated with polyester, which provides an advanced solution of rust and corrosion protection for the NAC.

■   Carrier Control Network System (CCN), aiming at the application to the chiller system, works with thedesigner’ requirement for energy conservation,  coordinates and manages all relevant equipment including chillers,  realizes the optimal  operation in terms of the number and the loading/unloading control of the chillers, and further improves the energy utilization efficiency of the system. The Carrier Remote Monitoring Center of Beijing Olympic Games monitors the running state of the Carrier Chillers installed in the venues,provides preventive diagnosis for Carrier’s air conditioning units, and ensures the high efficiency and reliable operation of the whole air conditioning system.

Project Summary

Location:Beijing, China       Project Type:New construction      Building Age:1 year      Building Usage:Sports venue Building Type/Size:Concrete & block/87,283m2      Objectives:Reliability, energy saving,and environment stewardship  Major Decision Drivers:System efficiency, non-Ozone depleting refrigerant and special solution for swimming pool Design Considerations:Energy recovery for swimming pool warming and polyester-coated AHU for rustiness protection HVAC Equipment:4 19XR centrifugal chillers 57 39CBF air handling units 438 42CE fan coil units CCN system Consulting Engineer:China Construction Design International                             Installation Date:Nov 2006

“Carrier supplied air conditioning system that will be reliable during the competition and conserve energy thereafter.” Mr. Kang Wei,

General Manger, Beijing State-Owned Assets Management Corporation

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