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Carrier air conditioning send bright green Beijing Olympics (October 25, 2007 sina.com)

Carrier air conditioning send bright green Beijing Olympics (October 25, 2007 sina.com)

2019-06-03 15:48

    Carrier as the world's biggest heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment suppliers, production sales throughout the world more than 170 countries and regions. Since Carrier DR 1902 invented the world's first scientific air conditioning system since Carrier in the past 100 years has been leading the air conditioning industry development, now has thousands of air conditioning patents and over global 18 R&D center. In 1987, and now carrier was established in Shanghai in China's first joint venture. After 20 years development, Carrier currently in China already has 11 companies, the number of employees about 2,500 people, the national worldwide in more than 40 sales services for customers with high quality and full range of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment products.

In recent years, the carrier has been increased to invest in China, and constantly expand the market position. In October 2004, Carrier invested USD 15 million in China, established a global compressor center. At the end of April 2005, Carrier in Shanghai Pudong held Carrier global R&D center of ceremony, In November 2006, Carrier in western China Chengdu established the first joint venture. Including the factory, including Carrier total investment in the Chinese market has reached about 1.9 billion dollars.

As an industry leader, Carrier has been committed to China's environmental protection and green building business, unceasingly to the Chinese market introduction and development of the world's leading innovation of the environment-protecting and energy-saving products and technology, has won numerous landmarks around the country's favour. To be near the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Carrier so far has won nearly 70% of the Olympic project air conditioning contract, including "water cube" national swimming center, national stadium "bird's nest" and Beijing WuKeSong Sports Center. Carrier for Beijing Olympic venues and related facilities provided energy-efficient and environmental leading all products and tailored solutions, which fully reflects the 2008 Beijing "green Olympics" of the distinctive themes. As one of the three main Olympic venues, "water cube" national swimming center using Carrier of all products, including four sets of environmental application leading refrigerants HFC - 134a Nathan Road efficient centrifugal chiller, CCN comfort control network and all air end product, total capacity up to 2800 cold tons. Meanwhile, the carrier for the national swimming center customized chiller solution still applied a heat recovery options, realized more than 50% of heat recovery to pool and part of life in the water heating. In addition, for the swimming centre indoor air humidity high chlorine characteristics, Carrier technological personnel to the special air conditioning box anticorrosion technology processing, to ensure air conditioning system for long-term use. The carrier of the environment-protecting and energy-saving products technology application undoubtedly for "water cube" the blue bubble kingdom adding more shining green energy-saving light. Beijing 2008 Olympic Games venues as a typical large-scale public buildings, not only reflect contemporary latest construction technology, material and process, using the central air conditioning system also with environmental protection, energy saving, reliable as the goal, show adequately contemporary innovation leading air conditioning products and technologies. Carrier company it is fully toward this goal, integration, development and application of the newest research results for the Beijing Olympic on from Carrier of comfortable with cool wind !