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Carrier "evergreen tree" series 19XRD units provide energy conservation and environmental protection solutions

Carrier "evergreen tree" series 19XRD units provide energy conservation and environmental protection solutions

2019-06-03 15:48

Shanghai, China, March 21, 2008 - Carrier new product "evergreen tree" series 19XRD 3000 cold tons of double compressor centrifugal unit represents the HVAC Technician industry cutting-edge technologies. The unit is Carrier in China made in Shanghai adopts the ozone layer completely non-loss refrigerants HFC - the largest single 134a Nathan Road with cold quantity of products.

Carrier is united technology company subsidiary company (NYSE: UTX). Located in Shanghai Carrier global R&D center for design and development "the evergreen tree" series 19XRD unit, can be applied to large airport, bazaar, supermarket comprehensive commercial buildings, factory and district cooling system stand. The unit will be on April 9-11 at China air conditioning and refrigeration industry largest exhibition - China refrigeration exhibition debut. Carrier for local markets and global market production "evergreen tree" series 19XRD units.

This new product adopted Carrier patent technology, which has greatly improved energy efficiency. The product acquired by the bid-winning authentication center to issue the energy conservation product certificate. With double compressor design and large cold quantity feature of the evergreen tree "series 19XRD unit part load energy efficiency raised seven percentage points. In an aggregate demand 12,000 cold tons, annual operating 180 days of large commercial building, the units annually can save energy consumption, equivalent to about 40 million kilowatt hours of Shanghai family year of 222 family power consumption. "' evergreen tree" series 19XRD unit successfully listed and customer responded actively shows we are located in China R&D center of world-class level and support Carrier in global HVAC Technician industry leadership ability." Carrier building systems and services Asia President ShuSiRe (Ross b. Shuster) says Mr.

Carrier to invest in China has more than 1 billion $90 million. Besides 2006 global R&D center of completion, open conducive to 2004 in Shanghai built the compressor center, 2006 in Chengdu established the central air conditioning air terminal factory. Carrier in China won numerous landmark project, including 70 percent of the 2008 Beijing Olympic venues and related facilities, such as air conditioning contract the famous "water cube" national swimming center and national stadium "bird's nest". "We" evergreen tree "series 19XRD unit and its market prospect in the development of China's market full of confidence," ShuSiRe think chief said, "we are looking forward to the future continue to strengthen in the Chinese market as, continuous investment in the rapidly growing markets."