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Carrier air conditioning merger DaFeng activate the Hong Kong market

Carrier air conditioning merger DaFeng activate the Hong Kong market

2019-06-03 15:48

On 1st October 2008, Hong Kong, China - the world's largest HVAC Technician and frozen equipment suppliers Carrier company acquired DaFeng row (holding) limited majority stake. DaFeng company is an independent commercial air conditioning maintenance service provider, annual turnover of more than $23 million. Established in 1998, DaFeng company has strong customer base, is a leading independent Hong Kong market HVAC Technician maintenance service provider, with offices in Macau and Shenzhen. Carrier is united technologies Corp, subsidiary company (NYSE: UTX). The purchase would enrich Carrier maintenance service customer base in Hong Kong, expand Carrier equipment repair ability, but also expanded the DaFeng service contents, including BMS and energy-saving reform, etc. "Over the past 10 years, DaFeng team had been in Hong Kong maintenance service market has established good reputation," Carrier building systems and services Asia ShuSiRe think Mr. President, said: "we are very pleased with the DaFeng employees can join Carrier team, and expects to provide our customers with more extensive service products." DaFeng company director ZhouJiaDe: " Carrier of DaFeng takeover make our tenth anniversary with more special meaning. We also can therefore provide more services for customers bring content, and more value." DaFeng company will continue as an independent HVAC Technician maintenance service supplier operations, for many of the carrier and the Carrier HVAC Technician equipment services are provided.